Mick and Keith have fewer creations 

Stones Pizza is a bit of an anomaly.  For the past 9 years Stones has been producing not only some of the best gourmet pizza in Perth, but some of the most unusual.

The regular menu boasts a number of international award winners like the Devine Lamb and the Sweet Tina, and some unusual pairings like 10 month aged jamón with cranberry, pistachio, mushrooms and fresh thyme.  But it’s the Pizza of the Week that is where things often get the most interesting.

Chef Brandon Farrell is fast approaching his 400th unique pizza creation. Yes, you read that right, 400 different pizza combinations over the past 9 years, and he says he plans to mark the milestone in a couple of weeks with a creation that he says some will find “challenging”.

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“We gained a bit of notoriety a few years back with a snail pizza that sold surprisingly well, especially after national media attention.”  Says Brandon, “The 400th pizza will be on that level of um, uncomfortableness for some customers.”

“Creating a completely new pizza each week has been relatively easy, and I have not repeated myself very often,” Says Brandon “The hardest part is actually naming them.  Some end up with bad puns, and some are a bit of Tongue In Cheek.”

“For example, in honour of Halloween, this week’s is called the R.I.P. (Rest In Peas) it has roasted red onion, roasted red capsicum, marinated artichoke and green peas on a pumpkin and fennel puree, and topped with shaved parmesan cheese.

400 Fitzgerald St, North Perth
Phone (08) 9228 1877
400 Fitzgerald St, North Perth
Delivery from 6pm – 9:45pm

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