Weekend gardening: check

PERTH’S dining scene may be catching up with the rest of the world, but our liquor laws are stuck in the 1950s.

The heavy hand of the law will descend if you’re served a glass of champers, a wine or a beer at The Garden before 10am.

But you can get a 1.5-litre jug of vodka-based bloody mary, or a glass of champers and OJ. If it had been a litre of sparkly and orange I may have thought about it—after all, orange juice is a breakfast food, sort of.

But we went with a couple of watermelon and strawberry juices ($5.50) and were rewarded for our virtue with a refreshingly delicious mix.

16. 854FOOD 1

The Garden, attached to the Leederville Hotel on Newcastle Street, recently added breakfast to its offerings.

My friend and I rocked up bright and early on a Sunday to find big-screen TVs pumping loud lounge music.

“Can I help you?” a cheery waiter asked, as we looked around the slick, ultra modern interior, with its massive walls of glass and the mix of garden settings and hidden nook seating.

Being old farts we took her up on the offer, saying we’d like to stay, but… and in no time the volume was reduced.

16. 854FOOD 2

We parked our bottoms at an outdoor table, where we further tested the service with a request for the heater to be lit.

Not having to compete with loud music while we talked, bodies toasty warm, we took in the garden setting, complete with koi ponds and a massive gum tree, and were happy as the proverbial piggies.

There are no surprises on The Garden’s menu with its variety of eggs as you like them, fruit toast and a meaty big breakfast and a vegetarian version.

But better to do simple things well than put wacky things on the menu for the sake of it. I was more than happy with my tomato salsa with avocado and garlic mushrooms ($16). The generous serve of nutty avocado went beautifully with the toasted ciabatta it sat on, and the mix of tomato, mushrooms and basil oil was great.

16. 854FOOD 3

My companion ploughed her way through the big garden, with eggs, bacon, pork chipolata, mushrooms, chat potato and slow-roasted tomato, also on ciabatta ($22). The eggs were moist and creamy, the bacon beautifully crisp and the sausages most enjoyable: “And I defy the hangover that could survive that breakfast,” she opined, sitting back replete and resisting the urge to belch.

Her double-shot long mac was a real heart starter, and my weak long black ($4) was just as it should be, with no hint of bitterness. Attentive and pleasant service was the cherry on a very enjoyable meal.


The Garden
742 Newscastle Street, Leederville
Phone 9202 8282
Mon—Fri 11.30am–late
Sat—Sun 8am–late 

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